Additional Landscaping Services

If you are starting a renovation project for your driveway, garden or alfresco area, then you are probably after more than just decorative concrete being laid on the ground. We are accommodating and can make your life simpler by being able to perform a range of common landscaping services. In all we do, we care about looks and practicality. We'll build flower beds and have a range of edging options to make the most of your green space and have reticulation pipes laid under the ground, to make sure it stays green. We build steps, stairs and ramps to create harmonious and easily-accessible areas and soak wells so there are no puddles on your newly laid decorative concrete floor.

additional landscaping services - earth works - Seamless Concrete Perth

Earth works

The key to a long-lasting landscape is ensuring the foundation has been set correctly. Our site works can include removing old pavers and blocks, drainage, work preparation and bobcat work.

Limestone walls in Perth house

Limestone block walls

Consider some of our Limestone block walls options as they can be an excellent addition to your outdoor d├ęcor providing character, depth of field and practicality.


Soak wells

Soak wells help ensure the water balance of your landscape remains consistent to prevent moisture absorption and any long-term issues that are caused. We are aware of council requirements and will accommodate the right size soak well to ensure there is proper drainage.

Garden beds for perth house - Additional landscaping services


Adding flowerbeds to your landscape can provide an endless variety of colour and texture, create standout features and increase your health and wellness. We create and fill the flowerbeds with soil or mulch to suit your landscape and colours of your home.

concrete with grass

Reticulation Pipes

We provide a wide range of reticulation solutions for your landscaping needs.

Exposed aggregate path perth-2


Consider some of our edging options to give your outdoor area that clean and crisp finish. Covering all landscaping areas, we craft and install aluminum, wood, concrete and limestone edging to add the finishing touches of your vision.

Exposed aggregate steppers Perth

Stairs and Steppers

Adding stairs and steppers to your landscape can provide accessibility, diversity and help create standout features in your outdoor areas. All stairs and steppers are properly made and laid by our team of specialists to match your driveway, entrances and pathways.

Gully Grate for Perth client

Strip drain - gully grates

We provide a wide range of drainage solutions including strip drains and gully grates for all your landscaping needs.

electrical work

Electrical requirement facilitation

We provide work arounds for all electrical requirements for all your landscaping needs including new poly piping for reticulation, electricity and wires.

Exposed aggregate driveway and portico edge in Warratha

Concrete kerbing

Add the final touches to your landscape with concrete kerbing. Our team is dedicated in helping you choose from a wide range of styles, designs and finishes ensuring we get the right fit for your outdoor area.

Concrete Shedpads - Perth

Shed pads

We supply and install shed pads with all required earthworks completed by our talented team of specialists.

You can trust us

Less Hassle

We take care of all the site preparation and earth works requirements, so you don't have to run around

Quality Workmanship

Our partnerships mean that we only source products from high quality reputable suppliers

Comprehensive Service

We think design and function. We want what looks but also works the best for you and your house

Accurate Estimates

With over 20 years of experience amongst the team, we can identify issues before they arise and ensure we plan for them

Professional Approach

With us you can expect the job to be completed on time and without a nasty mess at the end

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