Bugger Off! How to Get Rid of Ants Inside and Outside Your Home — Naturally

Bugger Off! How to Get Rid of Ants Inside and Outside Your Home — Naturally - dog and ant

There are many choices to select from when in search for a natural deterrent for ants, but which ones actually work?

Although relatively harmless, ants can become a serious issue when they begin to invade your home, especially in the kitchen where leftover food scraps, spills, baked goodies and sugar are ripe for the picking.

Once infested, it can be extremely frustrating to deal with, as you may get rid of them one day but they soon return in numbers the next day.

The aim of the game is to repel the ants before they enter your home. We have devised a list of natural products and plants that you can implement immediately to help get rid of the current infestation and to prevent them from entering your home.

Natural products that repel ants

Bugger Off! How to Get Rid of Ants Inside and Outside Your Home — Naturally - coffee ground


The strong smell of vinegar confuses ants by removing their scent and disrupting their trails, which prevents them from communicating with each other. Mix a 50/50 solution of vinegar and water into a spray bottle and Spray the solution around your window sills, doorways, and any other entry points you see ants coming inside from. Spray the solution directly onto the ants to kill any that have made it into your home. To prevent ants from ever returning, locate the nest and pour vinegar directly onto it. Alternatively, you can fill up a syringe up and inject it deep into the nest for safe measures. 

Lemon juice

Similar to vinegar, lemon juice also disrupts the scent trails that the ants use to communicate and follow. Create an all purpose spray using a cup of lemon juice and 2 cups of water and spray the solution around entry points of your home, or any areas where you’ve spotted ants.


Ground cinnamon is an excellent ant deterrent as well as a natural killer. Cinnamon causes ants to suffocate and die when inhaled. Simply sprinkle ground cinnamon around window sills, doorways, antholes, and any other areas where you see ants. Cinnamon essential oil will also work wonders if you’re looking for something less messy to use inside the home. Mix a couple of drops of cinnamon oil with water into a spray bottle and spray directly onto ants, trails and entry points around your home.

Borax, water and sugar

If you’re sick and tired of dealing with ants and you’ve tried everything under the sun then it’s time to give borax a go. Borax is the ultimate ant deterrent that not only prevents ants from entering your home, it also exterminates them. Worker ants bring the sugar infused borax back to the queen and nest, and once consumed, begins to damage the ants digestive system and outer skeletons. Apply the mixture around antholes and any other areas where you have noticed ant trails. You should notice a significant reduction in ants over the coming weeks.

Note: Be mindful that borax can be harmful to children and pets so use with caution.

Coffee grounds

While not so much an ant killer, coffee grounds is an excellent ant deterrent and it’s great for your garden. Coffee grounds help repel ants with its potent scent and replenishes the vitamins and minerals in your soil.

Plants that repel ants

Bugger Off! How to Get Rid of Ants Inside and Outside Your Home — Naturally - Mint

Plants are a little harder to use as repellents as they act only as scent barriers rather than getting rid of ants unless strategically placed in the right spots.

However, we do recommend using plants in conjunction with one of the products listed above for maximum efficiency. You can try taking a few leaves and crushing them to release it’s oils and placing them near doorways and window sills. Alternatively, you can opt for the essential oils of each plant, mix with water into a spray bottle, and spray the solution around the entry points of your home.

  • Lavender
  • Mint
  • Rosemary
  • Thyme
  • Marigolds
  • Tansy
  • Garlic

What attracts ants into your home?

Knowing how to deter and kill ants is one part, preventing them from entering your home entirely is another. There are 3 reasons why ants will enter your home, knowing what these 3 major factors are will help you identify the source of the infestation, making it easier to exterminate.

  1. Food. Just like humans, ants need food to survive and it just so happens that our food has every bit of nutrition they need. Ants are 5 times more receptive than other scavenger insect and can sense food debris or leftovers that are left in the open. Make sure that all food scraps have been properly disposed of, as well as all leftovers glad wrapped and put away.

  2. Water. Like all living things, ants need water to survive, however they don’t need much. A little puddle or water leak, even food can be suffice. Check your home for any water leaks.

  3.  Shelter. Whenever ants leave the nest they are vulnerable. What may seem harmless to us is catastrophic to them. Cracks and crevices around your home are an open invitation for ants, as they seek refuge from heavy rainfall, wondering pets and other predators.

Landscaping alternatives that deter ants

One of our latest job: exposed aggregate driveway in Perth

Reducing the amount of space where ants can build nests around your home such as your backyard or driveway, is another solution.

Unlike brick paving, different types of decorative concrete such as liquid limestone, honed/exposed aggregate, concrete and synthetic turf help prevent ant colonies by reducing the number of crevices where they can build nests in.

If you’re ready to take your outdoor areas to the next level, contact Integrity Concrete Perth for advice on how you can better defend your home from an invasion. 

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