A Guide to Buying Outdoor Furniture

How to pick your outdoor furniture

With summer approaching there has never been a better time to start thinking about how you’re going to furnish your outdoor landscape.

As Australians, we have an undying love to entertain outdoors, it’s in our nature. 

If our home wasn’t built with an alfresco area, outdoor kitchen, or patio, you might be consider renovating. With a report finding 1 in 6 Aussies not happy with the current state of their homes, a backyard revamp might be one of the first thing being planned.

Just under 50% of all home renovations conducted was upgrades done to the exterior, including outdoor kitchens, decking & fencing, alfresco, and decorative concrete landscapes such as exposed aggregate and liquid limestone.

Now before you go out and purchase an entire dining set for your alfresco, or drop thousands of dollars on designer furnishings for your patio area, there are a few elements you’ll need to consider.

What to consider before purchasing 

Start off with measuring the available space carefully, making sure to write down all the dimensions. To get an idea of how the furniture will look in the space, mark out those areas with newspaper or masking tape. 

Don’t forget to take these dimensions with you when shopping for furniture. Speak to a sales rep or compare the measurements yourself, this way you don’t end up with an entire dining set that won’t fit.

If your outdoor area is not entirely enclosed, you’ll want to opt for more hardwearing and weatherproof materials, including steel, timber, glass tables, and durable fabrics such as canvas. 

Be reasonable with your space. If you’ve only got a small balcony to work with, don’t go out and buy a bistro dining table. If you plan to store the furniture throughout winter, be sure you have sufficient space to do so. To reduce your workload, opt for more lightweight furniture that is easier to lift and move.

Outdoor furniture types

Depending on how you plan to use your outdoor area, will dictate the type of furniture you purchase. Take note of your home’s interior design and theme. This will allow you to create a seamless flow as you move from the inside of your home to the outside.

Outdoor Dining

How to Plan and Design Zones in Your Backyard

Based on what you have planned for your space, outdoor furniture can transform your alfresco area into a comfortable dining experience. 

To get the most out of a small space, opt for a circular dining table with lightweight chairs that can be stacked or neatly placed under the table. For larger spaces, the world is your oyster, just remember to follow the same theme and design as the interior of your home.

Try to incorporate things such as a Lazy Susan, which will make it easier for you and your guests to share food while seated. You may want to consider the sophisticated and modern coffee tables from Coshliving, Australia for a more relaxed dining experience while reading the morning newspaper and enjoying a cuppa.

Outdoor lounging

What good is an entertainment area without comfort? Outdoor lounge settings are essential to all outdoor entertainment areas, such as alfrescos, kitchens and patios and help bring the creature comforts of the living room to your yard. 

Modular sofas are where it’s at right now. They are modern, sophisticated, and highly flexible compared to a fixed lounge and offer a tailored solution to suit your needs. 

Modular pieces are so versatile you can mix and match for both small and large settings, move seating around on how you want to entertain and use the space.

If timber is your thing you’re in luck. Chunky timber sofa frames were one of the hottest outdoor lounge trends of 2018 that crossed well into 2019. They can be paired with coffee tables and side tables, transforming your outdoor area into a comfortable ‘indoor’ experience.

In the past, you would have to be mindful of the type of fabric you choose based on your outdoor setting, whether enclosed or open. These days, outdoor fabrics such as canvas, soft broadcloth and linen are extremely durable, yet stylish and have been made to withstand the outside elements. 

Outdoor recliners

If you’re thinking about doing some tanning this summer you’ll definitely want to consider outdoor recliners, which take chilling to a whole new level. 

With a built-in footrest and a reclining mechanism, these versatile outdoor chairs are perfect under patios and in alfresco areas.

For optimal comfort, we recommend going with recliners that have independent reclining sections, this means you can kick back and relax while sharing the lounge with someone else. 

When shopping around for an outdoor recliner, don’t be afraid to extend it all the way to see if you can truly stretch out on it. 

You should have dimensions and measurements from the first part of this article, allowing you to calculate just how much room you have for a complete reclining experience.

Outdoor sun loungers

If you enjoy spending time in the open air and under the sun then a sun lounge may be what you need. They are the perfect addition for those with a swimming pool and are easy to set up, move around and store. 

Even if you don’t own a swimming pool, sun lounges have become increasingly popular amongst those who are looking to simply kick back, lay down and relax under the sun for a stress-free day. 

For best value, look for a sun lounge that can recline to a variety of positions, allowing you to find the most comfortable angle for every activity.

Pay extra attention to the thickness and material type of cushioning on any sun lounge as this will have a direct impact on its comfort and use. For example, if you plan to use it by the pool, you’ll probably want to opt for a waterproof material. 

The landscape

Your landscape will have a significant impact on the type of outdoor furniture you purchase. Whether its a completely enclosed alfresco area with cafe blinds or an open-ended patio with plenty of space, your landscape design will dictate the use of your space. 

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