Hottest Fire Pit Trends Lighting Up 2019

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When it comes to outdoor living in Australia, things are only just starting to heat up.

Outdoor fire pits are one of the latest trends sweeping across the nation and sneaking into every Australian’s backyard landscape.

But for what reason?

When you think of a fire pit you think of friends and family huddled around a campfire laughing together and roasting marshmallows. Or, it’s a couple of mates with a few cold bevies roasting each other with high levels of banter.

Now imagine capturing these moments and being able to relive them right from the comforts of your own backyard.

The popularity of fire pits has exploded over the years with more people wanting to spend more time in the outdoors. With this burning desire comes the evolution of the firepit. 

Long gone are the days of what we imagine to be a firepit — couple of flaming logs piled up together — and welcome contemporary, modern and sophisticated designs that have easily become the centrepiece of a landscape.

You know what they always say: When there’s smoke, there’s fire. With all this hype we decided it was time for a heat check. 

Here are the latest fire pit trends:

In-ground fire pits

Credit: Lowes

In-ground fire pits create a beautiful, primal effect of flames ascending from below ground level. They are usually encompassed by authentic carved stone masonry and quickly become the centrepiece of any landscape, large or small.

In terms of fire safety, it comes as one of the safest fire pit options, with lower flames that are more contained and less likely to reach overarching foliage. That being said, there aren’t any protective layers surrounding the pit, so one would have to be vigilant when walking in the dark through their backyard.

Gas fire pits

Also known as gas fire tables, offer a modern, sophisticated and contemporary look and appeal to those who are looking for a gas alternative. Gas fire pits remove the need for timber logs and fire starters, and best of all it’s completely smoke and ash free, so your clothes won’t end up smelling like you’ve spent the day standing in front of a BBQ. 

The largest benefit is the fact that it can actually be used as a table, creating more of an outdoor living room feature rather than a traditional fire pit. Fire tables can be customised to suit a wide range of styles and are generally fueled by natural and LPG gas.

Gas fire pits are the perfect addition for smaller alfresco or patio areas, providing all the benefits of a traditional fire pit at the flick of a switch.

Multi-level fire pit patios

Credit: Belgard

If you’re looking to take it up a level and really impress your guests then you’re going to want to get a multi-level fire pit. Commonly seen in movies or holiday resorts, multi-level fire pit patios offer a 3-dimensional design element and segments the fire pit area into a distinct outdoor room, transforming it into an intimate destination.

The only issue with multi-level fire pits is that they require a decent amount of space. This is the perfect choice for those who have large open backyards and have plenty of space to work with.

Fire pit spheres

If you’re looking for a standout feature then a fire pit sphere is just what you need. Hand crafted and generally made from steel, these unique fire pits offer a sense of individualism while providing all the creature comforts of a fire pit. They are perfect for those with smaller backyards or even a balcony and offer a beautiful ambience using more traditional methods of lighting a flame.

If you’re looking for unique fire pits that stand out from the crowd, check out the hand crafted range at Fireglobe Australia

What to consider when installing an outdoor fire pit

  1. Choose the right location. Ensure your fire pit is located far away from any flammable materials such as trees, foliage, hanging clothes and other structures including timber patios, sheds or the house.
  2. Avoid installing a fire pit on a timber deck. It’s best to install the fire pit on top of gravel, pavement or concrete. Consult a professional for appropriate flooring options.
  3. Consider the wind direction. If you’ve opted for a timber fire pit, you may want to consider which way the wind is blowing. The last thing you’d want is smoke to flow into your house or your neighbours home.
  4. Be mindful of foot traffic. Place your fire pit in an easily accessible area with enough space for people to easily and safely walk by. This is especially important if you have chosen to go with an in-ground fire pit.
  5. Contact your local council. Based on your location, varying regulations may apply. 

Can I have a fire pit in a residential area?

As per the City of Cockburn: You are permitted to light a fire in your backyard, such as barbecue or fire pit, but for cooking purposes only and must take precautions to ensure the fire does not cause excessive smoke, irritation or annoyance to others. 

Fire pits are not permitted during total fire ban periods or on days with fire danger rating of ‘Very High’ or above.

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