Concrete Pathways

We understand that deciding between grass and pathways around your home can be a difficult decision as we need to consider practicality as well as design and style. Concrete pathways allow you to easily navigate around your home and can be used to connect your alfresco, entrance, side skirts and pool areas together.

Concrete paving is extremely durable and requires very little maintenance making it the perfect choice for neglected areas along the side of your house where if left unmanaged, can be overrun by weeds. In addition, its slip resistant properties and beautiful designs provide not only a safer environment but can even turn your pool into a standout feature.

At Seamless Concrete we help you pave the way, offering a wide range of concrete paving including liquid limestone, exposed/honed aggregate and plain concrete. Whether it’s aggregate, combination of grass steppers or porticos, our team of specialists is dedicated to work with you every step of the way.

Commonly used materials for pathways


Liquid limestone

Liquid limestone pathways are a great option for surrounding pool areas, side skirts and alfrescos with its low maintenance, you won’t have to worry about any weeds or ants. Its slip resistant properties and clean look make it a safe option for pool surrounding areas whilst maintaining aesthetic appeal.

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Exposed Aggregate - Seamless Concrete - Serving all Perth Area

Exposed aggregate

Connect areas with exposed aggregate pathways that provide a beautiful, colourful and yet sophisticated visual aesthetic, turning your entire landscape into a standout feature. It’s slip resistant properties also make it an ideal choice for pool surrounding areas.

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Concrete pouring, plain and coloured cement -First class service in plain and coloured concrete pouring and paving all across the Perth area.


Plain concrete/coloured pathways are a cheap and cost-effective option that is great for all areas of the house. Choose from a wide range of colours and styles, sealed or unsealed, to match your house and landscape.

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