What Is Exposed Aggregate?


Despite being around for decades, exposed aggregate remains an incredibly popular concrete finish. Drive through the average Aussie suburb and you’ll likely come across exposed aggregate driveways, pathways, outdoor entertainment areas and pool surrounds. This isn’t surprising considering how versatile, hard-wearing and low maintenance exposed aggregate is, even when exposed... Read More

How Much is a Concrete Driveway?


“How much does a concrete driveway cost?” It’s a common question, but many people are surprised to hear there is no simple answer. Determining how much does it cost to concrete a driveway is similar to working out how much it will cost to build a house. The answer is... Read More

Perth Most expensive suburbs

Perth’s Most Expensive and Valuable Suburbs


What’s the best thing about living in Perth? There’s always something for everyone. Whether you’re after a quiet cul de sac deep in the sleepy burbs of Applecross, or after the bliss late arvo ocean breeze down at Cottesloe, if you’ve got a dream, Perth has you covered — that... Read More

Exposed aggregate driveway in Perth suburb

5 Rules to Choosing an Exterior Colour Scheme


Choosing the right colours for your home’s exterior colour scheme can be frustrating and exhausting. It’s not something you do very often — it’s expensive and physically taxing — so, ideally, you’d want to get it right the first time. The colours of your home define its existence in a... Read More

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New Year, New Website


Seamless Concrete has been growing and we aren't planning to stop anytime soon! We've worked a lot last year, we have completed a lot more jobs all around Perth and started to work on our branding. The next natural step was to improve upon our previous website and come back... Read More

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