The Grass Is Always Greener With These 8 Simple Tips On How To Maintain Your Lawn

Keep your lawn green

You don’t need to be a green thumb to enjoy the wonders of having lush green grass.

If you’ve lived in Australia long enough then you would know all the hardships that come with attempting to keep your grass green throughout our harsh summer.

From over fertilising and watering, to incorrect watering times, these are just some of the common mistakes homeowners make when trying to maintain their lawn.

Luckily, you don’t need a degree in biology to enjoy all the perks of having healthy green lawn. Here are 8 of the best tips to ensure your lawn stays lush and green throughout the summer.

Watering your lawn

Keep your grass watered

The most effective and optimal time to water your lawn is early in the morning. It is the perfect conditions for photosynthesis to occur and for your soil to absorb as much water as possible.

Stay away from watering during midday where the temperatures are high and the sun is hot, as this will cause most of your water to evaporate before your soil has had a chance to absorb any of it.

We also don’t recommend watering at night as it creates a damp environment, which encourages lawn disease. By watering in the morning you allow your soil sufficient time to absorb the water and help keep your lawn hydrated throughout the day.

Avoid hot water

Water that has been trapped in the hose and left in the sun all day can get quite hot, especially if your hose is a darker tint. To prevent scalding blades of grass, direct your hose away from your lawn and plants and let it run until it’s cold.

Avoid overwatering

If you can see puddles of water forming or run off onto your pathways it’s time to turn off the sprinklers or direct your hose elsewhere. This means your soil has been saturated and it is unable to absorb anymore.

To prevent run off, water slowly and steadily; another option is to give it a 15-20 minute break before watering again.

Be water-wise

Unfortunately, watering your brick pavers or concrete isn’t going to make them grow. Australia has strict watering laws and regulations so it is important to ensure your sprinklers aren’t wasting any water and costing you money.

If you have automatic sprinklers and it looks like it’s about to rain or been forecasted to, shut them off to prevent overwatering. Find out more on a waterwise garden.

Feed your lawn, but don’t over fertilise

Fertilising your lawn helps supplement it’s nutrient levels for when the soil has been depleted. There are a number of fertilisers including slow release, quick release, granules and spray-on, but it is important that you do not over fertilise, as this can have adverse effects.

Over fertilising your lawn can cause salts to build up in the soil and make it difficult for water to be absorbed, which will eventually dry out your grass and cause discolouration; maybe even death.

Train drought resistant lawn

The aim of the game is to train your lawn to be drought resistant and this can be done by watering your lawn less frequently. By doing so, it allows your lawn to develop a deeper root system where it has greater access to moisture deep in the soil.

To achieve this, give your lawn a deep soak a couple of times a week as opposed to frequent short waterings, this will encourage your lawn to go deeper for its water.

Get rid of weeds

It is important to get rid of any weeds as early and as often as possible. The easiest and fastest way is to simply rip them out in the early stages to prevent them from germinating and sprouting more, it’s also far easier to remove them before they become established.

Find out the best ways to remove weeds link to weed story

Aerate your lawn

Just like humans, your lawn needs food, water and oxygen to survive. By aerating your lawn during summer you allow the roots to breathe and absorb water more effectively. This can easily be done by using a pitch fork and poking holes into the soil at around 15-20cm deep. For larger areas you can hire an aerator.

Turf alternative

If you simply don’t have the time to maintain your lawn and looking for an alternative that is effortlessly green all year round then synthetic grass is for you.

Unlike natural grass, synthetic turf is far easier to maintain and only requires a quick hose down and rake to remove any stains and debris. It’s non toxic making it safe for children and pets, easy to install and best of all, it’s green all year round.

For more information on artificial grass, contact Integrity Concrete, the landscaping specialists who have been providing concreting and landscaping solutions for over 20 years.
You can also check some of our previous work with roll-on grass and artificial grass.

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