5 Front Entrance Design Ideas To Impress

5 front yard trends in perth - Seamless Concrete perth

They say first impressions matter and in the housing industry this statement could never have been more applicable.

Some say the true beauty of your home doesn’t start until you walk through the front door, but what these people tend to forget is that first impressions count.

First impressions start with your front entrance. It has the ability to provide insight into what to expect before your guests enter your home.

It also adds to your homes front facade and overall curb appeal. So if you’re planning on selling, it needs to be enticing enough to draw potential buyers in through the front door.

To help give your home an everlasting impression, here are 5 front entrance design ideas that will be sure to impress.

1. Pave the way

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Have you ever pulled up into a driveway and wondered where the front entrance is? Do you wait for the garage door to open to get inside? Is there a side gate to walkthrough? Is it the front door?

With many homeowners using various ways to get into their homes, it can be difficult for guests to identify the entry point.

Creating a pathway to the front door is the first design idea that will enhance your home’s curb appeal and improve the overall look of your entry. 

A good starting point is to consider pavers. Brick pavers come in a wide variety of styles, design and colour, allowing you to get creative with your entrance. This is also an opportunity to set your guests up for what’s inside, creating a seamless transition from the outside world and into your home.

Concrete and exposed aggregate are also good picks as they are slip-resistant, extremely durable and can be personalised to suit your tastes and needs.

2. Hop, step, scotch

View some of the steppers we worked on

Another unique way to create an entrance is by utilising concrete steppers to create a pathway to your front door. Concrete steppers can be made from various types of decorative concrete, including exposed aggregate, liquid limestone and coloured concrete. 

Exposed aggregate comes in a wide variety of beautiful designs and colours, and gives you the choice of being able to customise the aggregate to match your home’s colour scheme.

The most unique part about concrete steppers is the fact that it has gaps in between each stepper. This gives you the opportunity to add more depth, texture, or colour to your front entrance with pebbles or grass in between each stepper. You might even want to consider adding plants or landscape lighting.

3. Paint your front door

Perhaps the most obvious part of your entry is the front door. If it’s looking faded or the paint is peeling you’re on the backfoot. You’ve already lost the attention of your guests.

You could either opt to paint your front door with a colour that complements your front’s facade or you can go for something that’s a little edgy and unique. 

However, it’s important to remember the colour of your front door is what welcomes people into your home and gives them a hint of what to expect inside. If you are unsure, refer to our article on how to pick colours for your exterior.

Colours to consider for your front door:

  • In feng shui, the colour red is said to bring prosperity, joy and celebration to the home.
  • White is a classic colour choice for traditional homes and symbolises simplicity and purity. It usually suggests that the owners keep a clean and well organised home.
  • Yellow is a cheerful colour that represents optimism.
  • Blue is a calming colour that let’s guests know they are entering a peaceful home.
  • Purple is a lighthearted and free-spirited colour that makes your guests smile as they enter your home.
  • Black is modern, sophisticated, elegant and traditional. 

4. Replace your door

If your door has seen better days and a simple paint job will not bring it back to its former glory days, then it’s time to replace it.

Replacing your front door is one of the fastest and most effective ways of enhancing your front facade and transforming your home’s entrance. 

  • Metal doors provide an artisanal look that’s modern, sophisticated and contemporary. 
  • Glass doors are super trendy at the moment and allow homeowners to convert a double door design into a single front door with a glass side panel. This modern design allows more light into the home and saves you money on having to buy a bigger door.
  • Steel atrium doors add to an industrial look that is currently trending.
  • Wood and glass panel front doors provide a contemporary, warm look that enhances your home’s overall architecture. It also allows for more natural light.

5. Add a splash of colour

5 front yard trends in perth - Seamless Concrete perth

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different types of colours. This does not necessarily mean painting your door or facade, you can also consider adding various plants, pots, lighting on your porch and along the pathway leading up to your door.

It’s one of the easiest and inexpensive ways to spruce up your front entry and could have the largest impact on your guests. The world is your oyster when it comes to how creative you can get with pots and plants. Decide between the size of pots, material, hanging baskets, shapes, and colours, as well as the species of plant and all the colours they offer.

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